A Bakery & Cafe in Fredericksburg

Sometimes you just need a fresh handmade bagel, luscious pop tart, muffin or chocolate chip cookie to make it through the day. Nothing fancy or complicated. Just the freshest, best quality ingredients lovingly baked. Paired with a delicious cup of coffee or tea and it’s like being back in Grandma’s kitchen. Or maybe you need the best sandwich in the ‘burg. Fresh paninis with locally sourced ingredients. Scrumptious deli sandwiches. Pasta salad on the side. Served with love and a smile because we’re truly glad to see you. 

Ike & Rita’s Bakery & Cafe is here to meet that need. Think of us as “small batch” bakers and sandwich makers. Everything handmade, nothing processed or full of stuff you can’t pronounce. Just good, honest food among friends. A place you can stop in on your way to work to grab breakfast, order a quick lunch, or come hang out with your friends. A place you can bring your kids, or your parents.

Blackberry Mini Cheesecakes and Smore Cups
Ike and Rita's Poptarts with Sprinkles

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu